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Bamboo Fun Tablet

The Bamboo Fun tablet is really fun to use. I have had this tablet for a few years now. I got it while I was still in college. I haven't really used it to draw with until the summer after college, however, embarrassingly. Perhaps it was because I didn't think I had time to draw on it, and I had a fear that I might suck at drawing on it. I had doodled on it occasionally and the doodles weren't noteworthy enough to place in my portfolio. Now that I have more free time to draw, I'm doing it more frequently, trying to take my time with each drawing so they won't suck. 

How is it using this tablet? I think it's great since you can use the mouse on the tablet as well as the tablet pen. There are only 512 degrees of pressure compared to the other Bamboo pens, that have over 1000 pressure points, however. That's fine for my usage since I'm not a professional artist, I'm just a hobbist.  Also, at times the tablet is not recognized by my computer so I have to restart my computer, or update the driver. It's not consistent with its recognition of the degree of pressure either, so sometimes it will be really sensitive and I have to change it to be harder, or else it will recognize clicks when I haven't even placed the tip on the surface of the tablet. Sometimes I have to lessen the hardness. 

The buttons on the tablet haven't been that useful to me, but I do use one of them as a button to get to a shortcuts menu that brings up an option for viewing preferences, since I often have to change the preferences for the tablet depending on how it is being recognized by my PC at the time. There is a touch sensitive wheel, but I don't really use that since it's often easier just to use my laptop's touch pad or the tablet pen or mouse. 

The tablet size is pretty nice. There is 21 square inches of space to draw on, which is enough for me. The pen mode makes it so the edges of the tablet equals the edges of your screen. The mouse version works as a mouse would on a screen.

The feel of the tablet is nice. The tapered ediges and the rounded corners are nice and ergonomic. 

All in all, it's not a perfect experience, but it's something I have gotten used to. I like the Bamboo Fun since it comes with an eraser at the top as well as a mouse, which isn't present in some of the other Bamboo series.  Is this the tablet for you? I don't know. It depends how much you plan to draw on it and whether it is for professional work or just for fun. If it's for professional work, you may want a different tablet that is more pressure sensitive. Wacom has other options such as Bamboo Splash, Bamboo Create, Bamboo Capture, and the Intuos series for very professional people (2000 plus sensitivity).  

Posted on: February 9, 2013Categories: Reviews
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